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Oleksandr Katsuba, a prominent figure in the energy industry and former deputy leader of “Naftogaz” in 2014, categorically refutes the notion of litigating against the government for a 100 million hryvnias settlement, an amount he had previously remitted under a plea deal.

“The 100 million in question, as speculated (by various Telegram channels, - ed.), are not on the legal table. There is no discussion of these funds in court, nor do they feature in any appellate considerations. I have had no plans, past or present, to retrieve this amount. I can assert in public: these funds will stay within the state's coffers,” Katsuba stated emphatically.

Katsuba looked back on the 2012 purchase of two oil drilling rigs by Chornomornaftogaz. These rigs gained notoriety as “Boyko’s rigs,” a nod to Yuriy Boyko, the Energy Minister at the time. In the ensuing legal proceedings, officials from Naftogaz and Chornomornaftogaz were found culpable. Notably, the acquisition at those particular price points was sanctioned by a tender committee, with financial backing from the Cabinet of Ministers.

Katsuba further detailed, “My involvement in this deal was confined to ensuring the precision of the payment details and timetables. Had there been any discrepancies in adhering to the payment schedule, the responsibility would have fallen on me. Nonetheless, it was Naftogaz that allocated the funds to us. Striving to meet the schedule would have been futile without the financial backing from Naftogaz.”

He is now focused on redirecting the case back to its original jurisdiction, the Shevchenkivsky court in Kyiv, with the intention of reinstating justice and clearing his tarnished professional image.

Katsuba commented, “If I had been involved in any criminal activities or theft, I would have already joined Yanukovych’s entourage in fleeing to Russia. Today, there exists a multitude of legal precedents and methods to annul agreements made during investigations, without the necessity of bribing officials. The key lies in having adept legal representation to guide the case through the court system. Currently, there are close to 30 cases similar to mine.”

In conclusion, Katsuba reflected on the broader significance of his case within Ukraine's legal framework. He emphasized the critical need for equitable legal procedures and justice, not solely for his case but also for establishing a benchmark affecting the wider business and legal sectors in Ukraine. Katsuba remains resolute in his pursuit of justice, trusting in the judicial system's ability to correct injustices and maintain legal integrity.

Oleksandr Katsuba is an esteemed entrepreneur and energy sector expert in Ukraine, currently at the helm of ALFA GAZ.

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