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Display advertising

UK24hit owns and operates some of the UK's leading property websites including UK24hit, PrimeLocation and SmartNewHomes. Each of our brands has a distinct market position and attracts a unique audience, which means we can deliver your message to your target audience via contextual or data targeted advertising both on desktop and mobile devices.

Target people by their actions

Data is our biggest USP and we can now target users by their actions and data they submit both on and offsite. We have designed data pools for several categories, including the following popular segments: First Time Buyers, Movers, Remortgages and Home Insurers.

Audience extension is now available. This allows us to target specific audiences off site in order to increase reach and is charged on a CPC basis. We are also able to optimise towards viewability.

Contextual targeting

Contextually you can advertise around price range, size of property, area down to postcode level and whether a user is looking to buy or rent.

Segmented by Acorn groups

Our property portals are also segmented by Acorn groups. Acorn is a consumer classification which segments the UK population. This classification system has been applied to the properties on the ZPG sites allowing you to target users by demographic data and social behaviours.


Targeted emails

UK24hit and PrimeLocation offer email targeting directly to your audience's inbox. Targeting opportunities include Buy/Rent, House Price Min/Max, Location, home hunters income and more.


With 750 million ad impressions available across our portfolio of websites the scale is vast. We offer all standard IAB ad sizes and the rising stars 300x600 and 300x1050. Skins and takeovers are also available.



Predicted click through rates

  • 0.25% Target contextually
  • 0.8% Behaviourally targeted
  • 0.35% Mobile
  • 4.0% Email

On standard ad sizes which are contextually targeted on desktop and tablet we would predict 0.25% CTR. Data pool targeting generates high CTRs with an average of 0.8% CTR. Mobile outperforms desktop and tablet on CTR with an average of 0.35%. Email open rate average is 20% and 4% click through.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising allows us to sell inventory in real time.

This enables our clients to bid in an auction environment every time their target audience appears onsite, allowing them to only ever pay the market value for their impression. This in turn removes lengthy negotiations in person and also doesn't force our clients to commit to a fixed CPM or fixed amount of ad spend. We have inventory in both Private Marketplace (PMP) and Open Marketplace (OMP) which enables us to create varying levels of targeting for our clients depending on their needs.

Top advertising sectors through real-time bidding: Finance (Mortgages, loans, credit cards), Insurance, Broadband, Retail, Travel and Automotive.

Finance, Insurance and Broadband advertising is consistent with us across display and programmatic sales as we have a very obvious audience for these sectors. What is interesting is that Retail, Travel and Automotive are also consistently in our top sectors through programmatic sales as our users are clearly in a life stage that makes them interested in these sectors also.




Through the PMP we are able to set up a wide range or targeting options:

  • Behavioural Targeting

    Target users based on their behaviour around the sites
  • Key value targeting

    E.G. Property price, number of bedrooms, for sale or rent
  • GEO Targeting

    Targeting based on where the user is looking or where they are located, from country level to full postcode.
  • Acorn targeting

    A granular form of socioeconomic grouping and postcode data of an area.

Advertising formats available

All standard IAB formats are available through programmatic advertising. In addition the 300x600 and 300x1050 are also available. Takeovers and tenancies are available programmatically.