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Passengers are only just discovering ‘hidden’ plane bathroom feature – and it’s perfect for banishing germs

TRAVELLERS are only now finding out about a hidden plane bathroom feature – and it will help to keep your hands germ free.

It’s a regular problem for frequent flyers – having gone to the bathroom and washed your hands you then have to grapple with disposing of any tissues or paper towels in the bin.

Many people agreed with the Instagram post that they didn’t know there was a pedal on the bin in the toilets[/caption]
The feature allows you dispose of paper towels and rubbish without having to get your hands grubby lifting the lid[/caption]

If it’s a long flight, those bins can quickly fill up and by the time you need to use it, it can be overflowing.

Trying to dispose of your paper towel can be a nightmare as you try to put it in the bin while also trying to avoid your hands touching whatever is already in there.

There is a solution though for anyone who likes to avoid getting covered in germs and it seems most people are not aware of it.

All was revealed an Instagram post which revealed a way to open the bin lid without having to put your hands anywhere near it.

In the footage, which has picked up more than 110,000 likes, shows that there’s actually a little pedal below the sink which will open the lid for you.

The social media user known as @guthealthboxer said: “I was sitting there on my flight back from Thailand and I saw this little foot lever and I was thinking what was that for and sure enough it’s for the bin I never knew about it.

“What the hell!! No more touching that skanky bin. Did you know about it?”

It would appear from the comments that many people weren’t aware of it.

One person said: “I flew as crew for over 26 years and never saw this before!”

Another wrote: “No, I just learned this too.”

While a third added: “OMG, I never knew that. Thank you.”

Although as one commentator pointed out: “Ummm, there’s an instructional sign next to the waste receptacle.”

Another viewer pointed out: “How is it a hack when the picture on the lid is telling you how to open it?”

It’s not the only hidden feature you might find on a plane either.

A small rail along the bottom of the overhead bins is in place to give passengers something to hold onto while wandering through the aisle, keeping you steady and letting your fellow passengers snooze.

You may not have spotted them, but plane windows have tiny holes in them.

A neat safety feature on planes is a tray table latch that only opens one way.

One safety feature that regularly freaks out passengers is speed tape – which looks a lot less safe than it actually is.

There is also a secret cabinet in the bathroom – here is how to find it.

And a pilot has revealed there is a secret window you never knew existed.

Airplane bathrooms are always cramped with little room[/caption]

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