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How to unlock TikTok’s hidden emojis: Full list of secret codes revealed

TIKTOK’s hidden emojis are a unique collection not found on standard emoji keyboards but accessible exclusively within the platform.

Here is a guide on how to unlock the 46 secret TikTok emojis.

TikTok has 46 secret emojis that can only be accessed with the right code

What are the TikTok hidden emojis?

TikTok’s hidden emojis are a collection not readily visible on standard emoji keyboards but accessible and utilized exclusively within the platform.

The secret hidden emoji codes work for anyone using TikTok and on both the IOS and Android versions of the app.

If you type the code in correctly, it will change and reveal the secret TikTok emoji.

The hidden emojis include a range of different emoticons, expressing a variety of moods and emotions.

Many of the secret emojis closely resemble the traditional Apple emoticons, however others are also distinctly different.

They bring an air of exclusivity and creativity to TikTok content, enabling users to express nuanced emotions or convey messages in distinctive ways.

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How to unlock Tiktok’s hidden emojis

You need the specific emoji code to access the 46 secret TikTok emojis.

Typing in the correct code in square brackets will paste the secret emoji into your keyboard on TikTok.

The hidden emoticons have proven very popular with TikTok users.

One Twitter user wrote, “I wish I could use those secret TikTok emojis on Twitter I love them sm”.

The secret emojis give TikTok users more variety of choice to help express their emotions whilst on the app.

In order for the codes to work, you have to type them in lower case, using only square brackets.


The smile TikTok emoji depicts a small, round, pink smiling face.

This emoji is ideal for expressing happiness, love, or appreciation.

The shortcode for this emoji is [smile].


happy emoji

The happy emoji is similar to the smile one, however it has a larger open mouth.

You can use it to show extreme excitement or enjoyment.


angry emoji

If you don’t like what you see, you can use the angry emoji to express your displeasure.

This emoji is depicted as a red face with a furrowed brow and stress marks on the upper right side and the shortcode is [angry].


cry emoji

To express that you are sad or upset you can use the shortcode [cry].

Some people also use the cry emoji to show joy when they find something cute.


embarrassed emojis

If you feel embarrassed or flustered you can simply use the code [embarrassed].

It is a teal face with a concerned look.


surprised emoji

When seeing something that makes your jaw drop the surprised emoji comes in handy.

It depicts a peach face with wide eyes and an open mouth as if it’s astonished by something.


flushed emoji

You can use the flushed emoji to show that you are nervous, embarrassed or excited.

The emoji shows a yellow face with cute eyes and blushing cheeks.


wronged emoji

When feeling embarrassed, shy or ashamed you can use this emoji,

It shows a yellow face with sad eyes and two fingers pointing at each other.


shout emoji

TikTok shows this emoji as a purple face with an open mouth and fangs.

It conveys a sense of frustration, anger, or evil intentions.


yummy emoji

TikTok has the perfect emoji for replying to all their coking videos – the yummy emoji.

It is a pink face with tongue out giving a thumbs up.


complacent emoji

You can use this emoji if you find something chill or cool.

It is a blue face with sunglasses and a small smile.


drool emoji

You can use this emoji to show you love a piece of content or to comment on a cute photo or video.

The shortcode for this emoji is [drool] and it is used to express attraction or admiration for someone or something.


scream emoji

Some content on TikTok can be scary and you can use the scream emoji to express fear, horror or even surprise sometimes.

It is a blue face with wide eyes and an open mouth.


This emoji can be used when you are upset.

It is a blue face with say eyes and a tear falling down its face.


The speechless emoji is expressing frustration, annoyance or disbelief.

You can also use it when you are left without words.


If you want to make a joke or show silliness then use the funnyface emoji.

The emoji is a pink face winking with its tongue sticking out.


When something is just too funny, use the laugh with tears emoji to share your LOL moment.

This secret TikTok emoji shows a pink laughing face with tears streaming from its eyes.


The wicked emoji, also known by its shortcode [wicked], portrays a purple face with a mischievous grin and horns.

It’s often used to convey a sense of playfulness or mischief, indicating that the sender is up to something mischievous or has a devious idea in mind.


This emoji features a pink face rolling its eyes upwards, typically used to show annoyance, exasperation or disbelief.

You can use it when you find something ridiculous or when you are irritated.


Use this emoji to convey anger, frustration, or when you’re in a bad mood and want to express it subtly.

The [sulk] emoji depicts a red face with a furrowed brow and a pronounced frown.


When you’re deep in thought or pondering something, use the [thinking] emoji, which shows a yellow face with one hand resting on its chin.

It’s ideal for expressing contemplation, uncertainty, or when you’re trying to come up with an idea or solution to a problem.


The [lovely] emoji portrays a pink face giving a big kiss, perfect for expressing affection or appreciation.

Use this emoji to convey love, gratitude, or to show your admiration for something special.


This emoji can be used when you’re feeling greedy or when you want to jokingly emphasize the pursuit of money or wealth.

The [greedy] emoji features a peach-coloured face with dollar signs in its eyes and a big smile.


When you encounter something that surprises or amazes you, use the [wow] emoji, which depicts a dumpling with a surprised expression.

This emoji is perfect for expressing astonishment, excitement, or when you’re simply amazed by something unexpected or extraordinary.


This emoji depicts a smiling face with smiling eyes, conveying happiness, contentment, or a friendly demeanour.

It’s often used to express genuine happiness, friendliness, or a positive attitude.


This emoji shows a dumpling with a small smile.

It’s used to convey laughter, particularly in situations where something is funny or mildly embarrassing.


slap emoji[/caption]

You can use this emoji if something is insulting you or someone says something harsh.

It is a dumpling that’s just been slapped.


tears emoji[/caption]

This emoji is commonly used to express sadness, grief, or overwhelming emotions, such as when something is touching or moving.

TikTok shows it as a dumpling face with streams of tears coming from its eyes.


stun emoji[/caption]

The stun emoji is used to express surprise, disbelief, or being caught off guard by something unexpected or shocking.

It is a dumpling face with scared eyes, an open mouth, and a sweat drop on its right temple. 


cute emoji[/caption]

This emoji typically represents something or someone adorable or charming.

It often features a smiling face with rosy cheeks and may have hearts or a blush to emphasize cuteness.


blink emoji[/caption]

This emoji is used to express surprise or astonishment, sometimes in a slightly awkward or flustered manner.

It is often a winking face with heart.


disdain emoji[/caption]

This emoji displays a face with a slightly raised eyebrow and a small frown, suggesting mild annoyance, displeasure, or dissatisfaction.

It conveys a sense of annoyance or disapproval.


astonish emoji[/caption]

The astonish emoji can be used when you really want to shout out loud.

It is an angry dumpling with open mouth on TikTok.


rage emoji[/caption]

This emoji features a face with furrowed brows, a frown, and eyes that appear angrily narrowed.

It’s used to express intense anger, frustration, or irritation.


cool emoji[/caption]

This emoji shows a dumpling with sunglasses, indicating a sense of coolness, confidence, or nonchalance.

It’s often used to convey a laid-back attitude, being unfazed by something, or feeling stylish.


excited emoji[/caption]

This TikTok emoji displays a smiling face laughing.

It conveys a sense of happiness, excitement, or positive anticipation.


proud emoji[/caption]

This dumpling face is looking down and smirking.

It’s used to express pride, satisfaction, or contentment with oneself or someone else’s achievements.


smile emoji[/caption]

This TikTok emoji is a dumpling face with wide eyes and a small smile.

It is being used when you want to call someone out for being shady.


evil emoji[/caption]

This emoji depicts a face with a mischievous smile and arched eyebrows.

It’s often used indicating mischief or naughtiness.


laugh emoji[/caption]

This emoji features a face with tears of joy streaming down its cheeks, often with a big open grin.

You can use it when you find something incredibly funny.


angel emoji[/caption]

TikTok emoji has an angel face emoji, which shows a smiling face with a halo above its head.

You can use it to show your innocence and goodness.


proud emoji[/caption]

TikTok has a pride emoji and no it is not the rainbow flag.

This emoji is a dumpling face with kissy mouth and one eyebrow raised.

It’s used when you’re feeling smug or self-satisfied.


nap emoji[/caption]

TikTok even has a nap emoji, which is a snotty face with closed eyes.

It can be used to indicate sleepiness, or if you find something uninterested.


loveface emoji[/caption]

This emoji displays a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes.

It’s used to express love, adoration, or attraction towards someone or something.


awkward emoji[/caption]

To show that something is awkward TikTok has a sweaty face with upturned eyes emoji.

Users can use it to convey awkwardness, embarrassment, or discomfort in a situation.


shock emoji[/caption]

And lastly, there is the shock emoji, which depicts a face with wide-open eyes and a wide-open mouth, often with raised eyebrows.

It’s used to express intense surprise, shock, disbelief, or fear.

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