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Nineties pop frontwoman has barely aged a day 27 years after global smash and love splits from TWO fellow bandmates

SHE was the face and voice of the hit song Barbie Girl, that got us grooving like mad in the 90s.

Now almost 30 years on, Lene Nystrom, lead singer of the Eurodance group, Aqua, has hardly aged a day.

Lene Nystrom still has the flawless good looks that made her famous[/caption]
She shot to fame in her 20s as the lead singer of hit band, Aqua

The 50-year-old is active on social media, regularly sharing content, her natural elfin beauty radiating from recent photos.

Having created one of the most recognisable sounds of the nineties with the global smash hit Barbie, song, the Norwegian singer and mother-of-two is still very much in demand as a performer.

In one of the her videos, Lene is seen having her hair and make-up done for a shoot, where she discusses her image. She said: “Clothing gives me strength, if I feel sexy then I feel strong. If its too girly… I feel sexier if it’s a bit rough.”

The flamboyant performer started as a teenage model before switching to singing where she got work on a Norwegian cruise ship.

While performing on-board, she was spotted by Danish music producer and DJ Rene Dif, who recruited her as the lead singer of the band Joyspeed, later renamed to Aqua.

After being launched in Copenhagen in 1995, the band achieved international success around the globe.

In the late 90s and early noughties their song Barbie girl became a global smash hit.

The band went on to release three albums: Aquarium in 1997 Aquarius n 2000 and Meglomania in 2011.

The group sold an estimated 33 million albums and singles, making them the most profitable Danish band ever.

Following the break up of Aqua, Nystrom continued as a soloist releasing her 2004 single, Pretty Young Thing as well as writing several songs for Girls Aloud, including their break out hit- No Good Advice.

Nystrøm was in a three year relationship with fellow Aqua band member René Dif, who discovered her back in 1994.

On 25 August 2001, Nystrøm married another of her bandmates,  Søren Rasted, with the ceremony being held in Las Vegas. In 2004 the couple moved to Denmark from London.

Together, they have a daughter, India, and a son Billy.

The couple divorced on 27 April 2017 after 16 years of marriage.

As a singer Lene is still very much in demand, travelling all over the world[/caption]
A former model, no doubt Lene’s natural beauty played a role in her success[/caption]
With her bandmates and exes, Aqua are still in demand, performing at various festivals[/caption]
The music video for Barbie Girl was as memorable as the song itself[/caption]

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