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Millions of drivers ignore ‘secret’ dashboard button that cools down your car ‘better than air con’

MANY drivers don’t use a button that cools down your car much quicker than a simple air con switch – and it could be a summertime saviour.

When a heatwave hits, hopping back into your parked vehicle is never a pleasant process.

Being behind the wheel in the summer heat isn’t easy – but there’s a button that helps
Drivers have started to share how the re-circulation button works

But now motorists are sharing a tip about an easy-to-miss button on the dashboard.

The button is marked by a little arrow with a symbol of the car.

It’s called the “recirculate air” button, and it can cool down your cabin even with the air con off.

It works by cutting off the outside air, instead recirculating what’s already in the car.

This brings down the temperature when the air outside the car is hotter than the air inside.

To ensure this is the case, blow the aircon for a couple of minutes and then hit the recirculate button – rather than swapping it for warmer outside air.

That could even allow you to switch the air con off, saving on fuel.

A spokesman for UK Car Discount told Express: “No more waiting for the air conditioning to kick in – the air recirculation button has your back, ensuring you experience a swift and soothing transition from the outside heat.

“It works by recirculating the cool air you get from your A/C when you first turn it on.

“The longer it’s on for, the cooler your vehicle will get! If you don’t use it, the car will use the air from the outside that is a lot warmer, and your A/C will work harder and continuously to cool the hot air.”

Fuel prices remain high with the average price of a tank costing £75, so it could be a timely piece of financial advice.

The RAC agrees and offers another tip to drivers who are looking to save cash on hot days.

It said: “Start driving, but keep the car windows open for a minute or two to let all the hot air escape, do this until the air from the vents feels cooler than the outside temperature.

“Once the air conditioning is blowing cold, close all the windows and switch to (pre-cooled) recirculated air.”

Four-step guide to keeping car cool

Jacob Jaffa

First of all, start driving for a couple of minutes before turning on the AC as this can improve it’s power.

Consumer Reports experts said: “Your car air conditioning works much better when you’re actually driving because the faster the engine turns, the faster the AC compressor runs, which lets the system cool more effectively.

“Don’t waste time and fuel by letting your car run before you go.”

Once you’re up and running, open all the windows fully for between 10 and 20 seconds to let hot air out and make the air con’s job easier.

Then, when cold air has started to come through the vent, roll up the front windows but keep the rear windows cracked open.

Doing this for another 10 to 20 seconds will pull the cooler air through into the back of the car, helping to achieve a better all-around chill.

Finally, set the temperature as low as it will go and adjust the fan speed and aim to your preference.

Once the air is cooler in the car than out, the re-circulation button is a driver’s best friend

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