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I made £216 in a few days from my Vinted side hustle – the item of clothing that always sells immediately

A FASHION fan has revealed how she raked in an extra £216 in just a few days thanks to her savvy side hustle.

Issie Rachel made the most of the reselling app Vinted to make herself some extra cash, then she took to YouTube to explain exactly how she did it.

Her simple side hustle raked in hundreds in a matter of days[/caption]
Issie shared her savvy side hustle tricks and tips on YouTube[/caption]

Since uploading clothes to the app doesn’t guarantee a sale, Issie revealed the best tips and tricks to clear out your wardrobe.

Taking good clear photos is key, as well as getting all the relevant key words in the item description, she explained.

The type of clothing you’re selling matters too, since trendy items like thin cardigans and tops tend to sell for more money than items like bodysuits and joggers.

That said, it will also depend on the brand and quality of the items.

For example, Issie sold a pair of joggers from Pull & Bear for £3, but managed to get £14 from a vintage cardigan.

After spending a few minutes to take pictures of her unwanted clothes and upload them Issie made several sales in just a few days.

From a stylish pair of dungarees, to a chic blazer and a sleek shirt – loads of items were loved by shoppers.

And although the prices for each item were on the lower side they began to add up to a good sum of cash for the fashion fan.

After two weeks Issue shared an update on social media listing all the items she sold during that time, and the total came to a whopping £216.

“I think this is almost double what I made the last time I did this,” she said.

After sharing her advice others chimed in to say the also make extra money by selling clothes on Vinted.

One said: “LOVE vinted! And I loved this video! As if you managed to sell items for a higher price, I love that for you!

“Anything I list for more than £10, people will go ‘will you sell this for £1’. It’s rare I sell higher priced items but it’s great to shift a bunch of clothes and get money for it, such a good app!”

A second agreed: “I started selling some of my stuff a couple months ago and I’ve made about £500+ so far.”

“I love Vinted, so many great bargains as a buyer and a great way to get rid of stuff I don’t wear anymore and make some pennies,” another wrote.

One said: “Thank you for this! I’ve been meaning to sell on Vinted for ages now and this has given me the confidence to do it!

Vinted selling tips

Vinted told The Sun that its members are most active over the weekend – so you might want to think about uploading your items then for maximum visibility.

Shopping often happens on Sunday evenings and sellers are most busy listing on Saturday afternoons. 

Meanwhile, the best-selling items were both women’s and men’s clothing, dog equipment within the pet care category, and books within the entertainment category. 

Additionally, the most popular colours in the UK were black, white, grey, brown, navy and pink

When you upload an item to Vinted you have to fill out a description box.

This includes describing what brand the product is from, the colour, size and material.

Sellers on Your Vinted Bargains UK recommend making this as detailed as possible to ensure your chance of a sale.

New Vinted rules to be aware of

IF you fancy clearing out your wardrobe and getting rid of your old stuff on Vinted, you’ll need to consider the new rules that recently came into play.

If people are selling personal items for less than they paid new (which is generally the case for second-hand sales), there is no impact on tax.

However, since January 1, digital platforms, including eBayAirbnbEtsyAmazon and Vinted, must share seller information with HMRC as part of a crackdown.

You’re unlikely to be affected if you only sell a handful of second-hand items online each year – generally, only business sellers trading for profit might need to pay tax.

A tax-free allowance of £1,000 has been in place since 2017 for business sellers trading for profit – the only time that an individual personal item might be taxable is if it sells for more than £6,000 and there is a profit from the sale.

However, firms now have to pass on your data to HMRC if you sell 30 or more items a year or earn over £1,700.

It is part of a wider tax crackdown to help ensure that those who boost their income via side hustles pay up what they owe.

While your data won’t be shared with HMRC if you earn between £1,000 and £1,700, you’ll still need to pay tax as normal.

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