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Hidden Samsung battery boost button revealed that helps your phone last longer – it works on other Android devices too

PRESERVING battery is one of the key things people care most about when it comes to their smartphone.

So it’s no wonder users are constantly looking for secret settings that boost their power.

Certain Galaxy devices have a little-known battery feature to boost its lifespan[/caption]

Most already know the basics now like low power mode and reducing the back light.

But there’s a little-known setting that may also come in handy – depending on what sort of smartphone user you are and the power cable you have.

This clever setting is known as bypass charging.

And it could increase the lifespan of your battery – thereby slowing down deterioration of your smartphone so you won’t need to pay for an upgrade quite so soon.

It exists on some Android phones but here we’re explaining how it works on Samsung devices – which they call Pause USB Power Delivery.

Bypass charging allows you to plug in your smartphone to a power cable and run the device off of power directly from it instead of the battery.

Essentially, the battery sits idle – which is ideal whenever you’ve got your phone plugged in for prolonged periods just tapping away at it.

It also doesn’t produce as much heat as standard charging, so there’s less wearing of the battery and other components.

As soon as you unplug your handset, it’ll resort back to using the battery.

Think of it as like a break for your battery while you still get to use the phone.

There are some caveats though.

Firstly, it only works for gaming – this is because playing games on your smartphone can be very battery intensive, creates more heat and when you’re more likely to have your phone plugged in constantly.

It will only work with a power delivery charger that’s 25W or greater.

And you’ll need at least 20 per cent battery.

It’s only available for certain devices too.

  • Galaxy S22 and newer
  • Flip4 and newer
  • Fold4 and newer
  • A23 / A33 / A53 / A73 / M33

How to Pause USB Power Delivery on Samsung

To switch on Pause USB Power Delivery you'll need to go into the Gaming Hub app.

Tap on the More button in the bottom right.

Choose Game Booster from the options.

Turn on Pause USB Power Delivery.

If it’s greyed out this means you’re not using the correct type of cable.

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