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Tesco shoppers go wild for ‘insane’ new popcorn flavour flying off shelves for £1.20 – & it’s perfect for a movie night

TESCO shoppers are going wild for a new “insane” popcorn flavour – and it’s already flying off the shelves.

The supermarket giant has launched a bag of vanilla-flavoured popcorn and it is already proving to be popular as it costs just £1.20, making it a great snack for movie night.

Both flavours are already proving to be popular with Tesco shoppers[/caption]

According to the packaging it’s: “Butterfly shaped corn, chosen for its special shape that catches flavour”.

Don’t worry if vanilla isn’t to your taste as Tesco has also brought out a strawberries and cream variety as well.

An eagle-eyed shopper let others know about the tasty-looking snacks by heading to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

They posted: “2 new popcorn flavours at Tesco, £1.20 each.”

To whet everyone’s appetite, they also included a snap of each bag.

One snack fan simply wrote: “I NEED.”

A second added: “The vanilla is insane! Had some yesterday for cinema.”

Another said: “Movie night,” and tagged in their friend.

Someone else chipped in with: “Bet this is yummy.”

A fifth person posted: “Need to get some.”

Not everyone was convinced though, with someone saying: “We tried them both last night, wouldn’t buy them again.”

Tesco though isn’t the only high street supermarket to have recently launched a new flavour of popcorn.

Last month, Asda got the taste buds going with a new “funky” popcorn flavour.

Sweet and salty are the two most iconic flavours of popcorn but Asda’s newest invention might just rival them for popularity – Raspberry Ripple flavour.

The popcorn is certainly set to turn a few heads and raise a few eyebrows but you can now get it for just £1 a bag.

Earlier this year, shoppers were rushing to B&M for another bizarre flavour of popcorn after it graced the shelves.

The bargain retailer was selling Chupa Chups cola flavour popcorn for just £1, which has taken consumers by storm since its launch in Europe.

It came after Werther’s Original previously released tasty looking bags of Caramel Popcorn.

Popcorn is the undisputed king of film night snacks and this new offering is certainly a fun twist on the classic.

The new popcorn flavours are Tesco’s own brand[/caption]

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