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Shoppers rave about a $16 ‘miracle oil’ that makes skin ‘look younger’ – 74-year-old says it’s ‘amazing’ for wrinkles

SKINCARE fans are raving about an anti-aging buy that won’t break the bank.

Many can’t get enough of a $16 oil has some are calling an anti-aging “miracle.”

Beauty fans raved about a $16 oil for its effective anti-aging benefits (Stock photo)[/caption]

Amazon shoppers have showered the Sky Organics 100% Pure Castor Oil with thousands of five-star reviews.

“A miracle oil. Me and my husband both use this oil,” said one reviewer.

They explained that the oil proved to be more effective than the more expensive anti-aging products they’ve tried.

“And I can’t say enough, as suggested, we use it on our face, and oh my, his skin looks younger than before,” they said.

“This oil is even better than the anti-aging moisturizers we used before and a lot cheaper.

“His eyebags lines are starting [to] fade already. Amazing! And oh, I also use it on my hair, nails, and scars. It’s very good on hair.”

A 74-year-old woman couldn’t help but agree after seeing huge results.

“At 74, I have many high-priced serums, creams, specific eye creams, etc.,” she said.

“After using this oil on my face, under [my] eyes, etc., the next morning, the difference in both dark circles and wrinkles was amazing.

“Have used this for several days now and find this far better than all the serums [and] creams combined.”

Like others, she added that the oil proved to be multi-purpose.

“Perfect under foundation as well, makes hair shine, and the other benefits are worth trying this!” she said.

“I just absolutely love this organic castor oil,” said another reviewer.

Anti-aging tips and 'superstar' products

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Dr. Anatalia Moore is a GP and skin specialist with over 11 years of clinical experience.

She told The U.S. Sun that her goal is to equip patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their skin journey.

She said the fundamental basics of a beauty routine are the same for all ages — it should include an effective cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF.

“Moisturizers are my superstar, even over products containing active ingredients,” she said.

“Finding a well-balanced moisturizer that provides the right kind of hydration, replaces natural oils, and seals them in, literally stabilizes your skin.  

“This in itself quickly can soften the appearance of fine lines and texture, as often these are worsened by dehydration. 

“It also allows the skin to function as it should. 

“It then can heal faster, which, among many things, can lead to fewer lines and wrinkles, less flares of dermatitis and rosacea, and shorter-lived, milder breakouts.”

Dr. Moore’s skincare staples:

“I use it on my body but mix with other lotion because it’s quite thick all over my body, except hands and arms.”

She revealed that she utilizes the oil as a hair conditioner and hair growth serum.

“I feel like organic caster [oil] has so many health benefits. I use it for my eye lashes and brows and it really works!” she said.

“It really makes my lashes grow… wow. I use pure oil only, no mixing. I use it wherever I have aches and pains, it really helps relieve pain in hand stiffness.

A 74-year-old says it’s ‘amazing’ for wrinkles and works better than her more expensive products[/caption]

“Oh, and by the way, it reduces wrinkles also. I use this thick oil on my arms and hands, no mixing, and I can see [fewer] wrinkles on my arms and hands.”

One woman admitted that she used the oil for just about “everything.”

“I use it on almost everything you’d think about wanting to heal but want to avoid antibiotic creams,” she said.

“Great for healing cuts, chapped hands, scrapes, and burns that are healing. I bought it for making my own lash growing serum but use it for just about everything!”

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