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Shock new Married At First Sight feud as bride is blocked by ex and she begs, ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me’

LUCINDA from MAFS Australia has begged her former partner to forgive her after he blocked her on social media.

The reality star initially remained close friends with the man she was partnered up with during her time in the Channel 4 dating experiment.

Lucinda and Tim got married on the latest season of MAFS Australia[/caption]
Channel 4
Their romantic relationship did not work out but the pair initially stayed friends[/caption]
Lucinda has now asked for forgiveness after her ex blocked her on social media[/caption]

However, just a month ago, that seems to have all fallen apart as Timothy removed her from his public platforms.

He went on to hint at a feud between them, telling Yahoo Lifestyle “eight chances is enough”.

The 51-year-old also claimed that Lucinda had let the fame get to her head, and was now “a little different to who he had been married to during filming”.

Lucinda has now responded by saying that she’s sorry if she hurt him, adding “I only wish Tim all the love and success”.

Alongside a photo of the two of them hugging and smiling, the wedding celebrant shared: “In regards to the comments and blocking Tim has done – Conscious, clear and kind communication would have been my preference.

“If I’d offended Tim, I would have loved a phone conversation toward resolve.

“A couple of times I’ve confided in other cast members about genuine processes I’ve had since the show and behaviours that have upset me.

“I’m sure I’m not alone in that, we all need to process and share. Going on a reality TV show has been a huge experience and in many ways, I’m still processing it.

“In my heart, I’ve always held Tim with understanding and compassion.

“I take responsibility for any hurt I may of caused by sharing my feelings and hurts.

“There are no hard feelings my end and I still hold a lantern of hope for our friendship. Ho’oponopono ~ I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You.”

Lucinda went on to welcome any cast members who felt she had been unfair in her private criticism of Tim to reach out.

She finished off by saying: “This is the last I’ll say on this piece, I’ve said what I have to say. I want to get on with my life – I’ve got lots of love to share and I believe Tim does too.

“Everyone’s just trying their best in this one precious life and I for one don’t want to spend my energy and time in war, with anyone.”

MAFS fans flocked to the comments to assure Lucinda that they believe she was not at fault in the fallout and has done her best to remain on good terms with Timothy, who went on the show wracked by grief after the death of his parents.

One person wrote: “Lucinda you are the epitome of grace, warmth and kindness. I like Tim but he seems to be a sad, angry man and I wish he would find his peace. Love & light to you.”

Another chimed in: “Beautiful words, beautiful heart, beautiful mind, beautiful inside and out.

“Throughout the show you showed unbelievably gentle patience and enduring love for Tim; understanding his fears and doubts.

“I was so touched and impressed by your huge compassion. I’m so sorry to hear he has pushed you away again.

“Your words show your continued affection for him but I applaud your efforts boundaries and decision to move on. Love you.”

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