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Nineties TV legend, 63, looks unrecognisable as he strips naked for new film 30 years after cult US show

DAVID Duchovny is ready to embrace aging, and as a demonstration of that, has decided to get naked for a scene in his upcoming film.

The 63-year-old actor became a Hollywood sex symbol during his time as one of the X-File’s main characters.

David Duchovny is known for starring on the X-Files alongside Gillian Anderson[/caption]
Now the actor has directed a film of his own[/caption]
The actor is set to strip naked for one of the scenes in the romcom[/caption]

David played Agent Fox Mulder in the hit sci-fi series, who was tasked with examining unsolved cases for the FBI from a paranormal angle.

Meanwhile, his famous co-star Gillian Anderson starred as more scientific Agent Dana Scully.

She was assigned to Mulder’s cases to make sure he wasn’t getting carried away with conspiracy theories, and that his supernatural findings were based in fact.

Now David is worlds away from the X-Files as he takes on a completely different project.

This time he is starring in a romcom called Reverse the Curse that examines the themes of aging and dying.

David wrote and directed the film, and cast himself as ailing dad Marty Fulilove.

He has opened up about the reason why he decided to include a scene in the flick where Marty takes his kit off and jokes that “it looks like a dead sparrow where my c**k should be”.

Speaking to Salon, David said: “You can look at horrific things with a sense of humor, and the humor comes from the fact that it’s going to happen to all of us. 

“It’s not like some people age and some people don’t, some people die and some people don’t.”

In the film, David’s character also tells his son that he has a “perfectly respectable pr***” while the pair strip off in a locker room together.

David added: “I think we can laugh at that, and then hug it out.

“And he comments on his son’s penis in a way that’s funny. I’m laughing and I’m also moved in a way.”

Reverse the Curse follows the story of an infirm Marty, whose health deteriorates every time his favourite baseball team lose a game.

His adult son Ted Fulilove, played by Logan Marshall-Green, comes up with a scheme to try and kickstart his recovery.

Ted enlists the help of friends and a grief counselor to trick his dad into believing that the Red Sox are on a winning streak.

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