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Who is Sasha Attwood and does the model have any kids with Man City star Jack Grealish?

SASHA ATTWOOD has been key in keeping boyfriend Jack Grealish’s spirits high after he missed out on a Euro 2024 spot for England – and now the pair have announced that they are having a baby!

The childhood sweethearts first started dating when they were teenagers at school together in Solihull.

Sasha Attwood has been with Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish since 2016[/caption]

And SunSport has all you need to know about Sasha Attwood

Who is Sasha Attwood?

Sasha Attwood is a fashion model and influencer, best known as the partner of Manchester City and England player Jack Grealish.

She’s got more than 264,000 followers on Instagram – where she regularly shares stunning selfies and snaps.

Much like her partner, Sasha hails from Birmingham.

In December 2023, The Sun revealed that around ten relatives were cheering on the Manchester City star in his televised match at Everton when they heard noises upstairs and dogs barking frantically.

The terrified family then hit panic buttons as a gang of burglars looted his new home.

The shaken group — including fiancée Sasha Attwood, his parents, gran, two sisters and brother — dashed for cover at the unfamiliar mansion which Jack moved into just before Christmas.

Police fearing a hostage situation raced to the scene and a helicopter scoured the estate.

Despite extensive security and perimeter fencing around Jack’s   lavish home, the crooks got in and fled with £1million of watches and jewellery.

A source told The Sun: “The family are really shaken.

“The gang took a lot of watches and jewellery.

“They executed their raid when Manchester City were playing live on TV and all his family had gathered downstairs to cheer him on.

“No one was injured but there was a lot of panic.

“Everyone was terrified as they were all so vulnerable.

“It’s an enormous property, so it is understandable why no one heard anything at first.

“It was also the first time the family had visited  so they were unfamiliar with the property.

“When the dogs went mad, and they could hear people creeping about, they pressed the security panic alarm.

“An emergency unit responded immediately, with multiple police cars and a chopper deployed. ­Initially, they feared they could be facing a hostage situation or worse.”

Jack and model and influencer Sasha bought the “exceptional modern” seven-bed mansion set in 24 acres last year but have only just moved in.

Do they have any kids together?

Grealish, 28, missed out on the final 26-man England squad for Euro 2024, leaving him “stunned and upset”.

However, that gave him the chance to enjoy some R&R alongside his long-term partner – and support her as the pair have revealed they have got a baby on the way.

And Sasha took to social media to share the news with her followers.

Sasha captioned a picture of the baby bump with: “Half of me , half of you – beyond blessed ”

Sasha and Jack Grealish are having a baby

When did Sasha Attwood start dating Jack Grealish?

Sasha and Jack Grealish have been together since they were 16.

They met while attending St Peter’s Roman Catholic Secondary School in Solihull, West Midlands.

It is not known if they remained as a couple for all of that time.

Who has Sasha Attwood modelled for?

While Jack has been making headlines on the pitch, Sasha has been forging her own career path.

She was scouted by a modelling agent at just 13 while out on a shopping trip with her mum in Birmingham.

According to her Instagram, the model is represented by Elite Model World and and Jadore Models Manchester.

She has also modelled for a number of high profile labels, including Loreal and Lounge Underwear.

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