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My husband’s twice my age – trolls said it would be like having a child with my grandad, but we’re tyring for baby no 2

A COUPLE have revealed some of the harsh comments they receive from trolls on social media, and it’s all because their age gap.

But despite but 30 years between them the duo swear they couldn’t be more in love and are even trying for baby number two.

The couple have one child together thanks to IVF[/caption]
The couple shared some of the mean things trolls say online[/caption]

Mindy, 30, and Larry, 60, met when she was involved in a car accident and her now husband was the officer that attended to the scene.

Previously peaking to Truly, Mindy said that their age gap isn’t something they give much thought since “it doesn’t really feel like an age gap.”

However not everyone feels the same way, and when Mindy began including Larry in her videos on YouTube the couple quickly got a lot of vicious comments from trolls.

Despite some support from viewers Mindy was shocked by the amount of hate they got.

She explained: “A lot of people were very supportive but we also received a ton of hate and backlash because of the age gap, which was bit of a shock.”

The backlash meant she developed a thick skin and now insists it doesn’t bother her- even though some of the comments are pretty cruel.

The couple decided that they wanted to start a family back in 2020, but since Larry had already had a vasectomy they went down a different route and began IVF.

After several failed rounds of the treatment Mindy finally fell pregnant in December 2021, much to their delight.

But the couple’s happy news only worsened the hate comments, which included: “Sad the baby wont see his dad live long” and “the kids wont have a dad in 5-10 years.”

One person quipped: “Does he know how to open a PDF?”

While another simply said: “Nice photo with grandad!”

Even with the trolls on their backs, Mindy said she doesn’t let it get to her.

“They’re just keyboard warriors, they wouldn’t say it to our face, but they have no problem typing it.

“The funny thing about the comments are we’ve never had somebody walk up to us and say this in person,” she said.

Mindy even shared some advice to her haters: “Be kind.”

Despite the harsh comments the pair have no plans to stop posting videos online.

In fact, Larry has become a regular on Mindy’s channel and can be seen in viral videos helping her with her makeup and taking part in other fun activities.

A-list age gap relationships that have stood the test of time

  1. Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble – 25 years
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  2. Sam & Aaron Taylor-Johnson – 23 years
    The director and actor reportedly met at a film audition in 2009, and were married by 2012. The pair share two daughters and Sam has two children from a previous marriage.
  3. Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham – 20 years
    The model started dating actor Jason in 2010. They were wed in 2016 and have since welcomed a son and a daughter together.
  4. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas – 25 years
    The pair was introduced at a film festival in 1996 and engaged three years later. Shortly after their engagement, the couple welcomed a son and married in 2000.
Some of the comments the couple receive are brutal[/caption]

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