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Labour MP says he’s been targeted with a sledgehammer attack on his home as he responds to horror

A LABOUR MP has said he’s been targeted with a sledgehammer attack on his home.

Stretford and Urmston MP Andrew Western said cops are probing the horror last night.

Labour MP Andrew Western[/caption]

Western tweeted: “Last night there was an incident at my home that is being investigated by police as part of Operation Bridger.

“I am absolutely fine and no one was hurt but the toxicity in our politics at present must be drawn out.

“The harassment, intimidation and abuse of politicians is not OK and is not normal.”

Western added: “That said it is becoming an ever more regular occurrence.

“I am proud to represent the people of Stretford and Urmston and will not be cowed as I seek to serve them to the best of my ability.

“I want to thank Greater Manchester Police for their excellent response.

“These idiots do not speak for our community and I will do all I can to ensure they never do.”

In an update, Western said someone had taken a “sledgehammer” to his property.

He added: “Eventually people will realise what MPs are having to put up with ever more routinely.”

Operation Bridger is a nationwide police programme to give MPs extra security at home and in their offices.

It comes after Jo Cox’s sister told The Sun politicians are still forced to fear for their lives eight years on from the MP’s murder.

Labour MP Jo was shot and stabbed by a neo-Nazi thug in her West Yorkshire constituency on June 16, 2016, during the EU referendum.

She was attacked outside a library in Birstall, where she had been planning to meet her constituents for a surgery.

Prime Minister David Cameron described Batley and Spen MP Jo as “a star for her constituents and a star in parliament”.

Jo was the first sitting MP to be killed since the end of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

In 2021 Jo’s sister Kim Leadbeater was elected as the Labour MP for Batley and Spen.

Kim now warns politics is still toxic eight years on from Jo’s murder – putting MPs in danger.

Brave Kim told The Sun: “I find it hard to believe that it is eight years since my sister’s murder.

“After Jo was killed, politicians of all parties promised to do politics differently, to ‘dial-down’ the rhetoric and toxicity and focus on the issues that matter.

“Sadly it doesn’t always feel like that has happened. Political campaigning and debate should of course be robust.

“But there is no place for violent and incendiary language, personal insults and attacks, and certainly no place for threats and physical violence.

“So it saddens me that a number of MPs said they wouldn’t be standing again in this election due to fears for their personal safety, and that of their families and staff.”

Kim added: “Jo used to tell me that we need good people in politics, and many good people are standing on July 4th.

“But too many others are put off by the abuse and intimidation politicians and others in public life are now routinely subjected to.

“Whatever the result, I hope this election can finally be the moment to put our politics on a new path.

“Agreeing where we can and, where we can’t, discussing our differences with passion, but always with honesty and respect.

“That would be a fitting tribute to Jo and everything she stood for.”

A number of MPs of all stripes stood down this election because of vile threats and abuse, detailed in a report by the Jo Cox Foundation.

It comes after MP David Amess was stabbed in what was the most recent political killing – the same year Jo’s sister became an MP .

The 69-year-old was knifed to death in a terrorist attack by Ali Harbi Ali at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, in October 2021.

Rising SNP star Mhairi Black was one of the parliamentarians put off seeking re-election by the toxic atmosphere in politics.

She said: “Since 2015, the lives of my loved ones have been turned upside down and inside out.

“Between media attention, social media abuse, threats, constant travel, and the murders of two MPs, my loved ones have been in a constant state of anxiety for my health and safety.”

Conservative MP Mike Freer previously claimed he had received a torrent of threats – including a suspected arson attack on his London constituency office in December.

Mr Freer announced he would stand down as MP for Finchley and Golders Green at the next general election after a series of death threats.

He told how he felt “lucky to be alive” after the suspected arson attack.

It also emerged that terrorist Ali Harbi Ali visited Mr Freer’s constituency office a month before he murdered David Amess.

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