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Beauty fans go wild over $9 highlighter that’s ‘insanely reflective’ & gives a ’10/10 perfect shine’: ‘Never going back’

BEAUTY fans have given a drugstore highlighter a huge thumbs of approval.

One happy customer even said they were “never going back” after seeing the product’s megawatt glow.

Makeup fans wrote rave reviews about a popular $9 highlighter (Stock photo)[/caption]

Hundreds of makeup enthusiasts wrote rave reviews about Colourpop’s $9 Super Shock Highlighter.

“A little goes a long way. Blinding!” wrote one reviewer.

“I don’t know why I thought it was going to be glittery but it’s not at all.

“It’s an insanely reflective highlighter! A little product on your fingertip is enough,” they advised.

“You softly glide your finger over the surface — don’t dig in or press too hard because you’ll get way too much product.

Another gave the product a perfect 10 score and said it gave them the “perfect shine.”

“I love an intense highlighter, so I bought Flexitarian,” they said.

“It’s a good champagne color with no color as a base. I just wanted straight glitter almost and that’s what I got.”

They also shared a pro tip that helped accentuate their eyes.

“Also LOVE to pop on the corner of the eye,” they said.

One happy customer explained that they reached for the highlighter for all their needs.

“I do love this highlighter for when I want a nice shine but also more lit from within,” they said.

A trick helps them intensify the product’s impact without much effort.

One reviewer said the product is ‘insanely reflective’

“This can be made more blinding if you spray your brush first. Ole reliable. Beautiful though!” they said.

Other beauty fans were shocked by the highlighter’s affordable and money-saving price point.

“It’s so pigmented and so pretty. I’ve been looking everywhere for a color like this and I can’t believe it’s only $9,” said one.

“I’m definitely buying more in the future and probably in different shades too.”

“This is the most pigmented highlighter I’ve EVER seen and is literally blinding,” said another.

“It’s a pretty good price and super pigmented,” said another.

“[It also] lasts a long time.”

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