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‘OMG what a concept’ foodies rave after woman shows of ‘best invention ever’ for ‘savoury cereal’ recipe

IS CEREAL just for breakfast or can it be eaten for any meal?

It’s something food fans love to disagree about, but one woman’s ‘savoury cereal’ recipe might be the way to enjoy the grub no matter the time of day.

TikTok @vvardyv
The recipe left fellow foodies amazed[/caption]
TikTok @vvardyv
She covered the grub in thick gravy for good measure[/caption]

Taking to TikTok the food fan showed off their dinner, which she dubbed ‘savoury cereal’ and the internet has gone mad for it.

So, what is savoury cereal?

You could put just about anything in the dish, but the key is everything should be bitesize.

In a large yorkshire pudding the foodie added mini stuffing balls, potato pops, chicken pops and mini chicken kievs.

“I’m gonna drown them all in gravy,” the foodie said before pouring lashings of thick gravy over the grub.

“And the thing about this is it’s got an edible bowl,” she added.

Once smothered in gravy fellow foodies couldn’t get over how good the grub looked and many said they’d be making their own version at home.

The video quickly went viral online and currently has over 1.5 million views.

One person commented: “What a concept omg!”

A second agreed: “This is the best invention ever, thank you.”

A third commented: “This is genius, how has such a connoisseur of beige food such as myself never thought of this?

“You’ve changed my life.”

And another said: “Savoury cereal?! Girl you’ve opened my eyes, having this TONIGHT.”

“I will be eating savoury cereal for the rest of my days,” someone else wrote.

Meanwhile, others suggested adding some other bitesize circular foods.

“I think this would benefit from some veg, peas are the best as they’re circular but maybe carrot slices,” one said.

But the food fan disagreed and replied: “It would benefit nutritionally yes, but sometimes a beige meal now and then is good.”

Even Heinz chimed in to suggest a different version and commented: “Beans not gravy please.”

How many calories should men and women consume?

According to the British Nutrition Foundation


Energy – Around 2,000kcal

Fat – No more than 78g (or 35% food energy)

Saturated Fat – No more than 24g (or 11% food energy)

Carbohydrate – At least 267g (or 50% food energy)

Free sugars – No more than 27g (or 5% food energy)

Protein – 45g

Fibre – 30g

Salt – No more than 6g


Energy – Around 2,500kcal

Fat – No more than 97g

Saturated Fat – No more than 31g

Carbohydrate – At least 333g

Free sugars – No more than 33g

Protein – 55g

Fibre – 30g

Salt – No more than 6g

The food fan put a twist on the breakfast classic[/caption]

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