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I’m getting a divorce 48 hours after saying ‘I do’ because of my husband’s wedding ‘prank’ – I think he crossed the line

A BRIDE has revealed she’s ditching her husband just 48 hours after tying the knot.

People even praised her for walking away so soon after the nuptials after she shared what happened on social media.

The couple called it quits just days after their wedding day[/caption]
The prank was enough for the bride to leave the reception early[/caption]

Taking to Reddit, the newlywed explained her then fiancé, called Jake, was obsessively watching wedding-related pranks online as their wedding day inched closer, but he promised not attempt any on the day.

“I told him straight away that I didn’t want anything like that at our wedding.

“He just laughed and said that he wasn’t planning anything like that. I thought that was the end of it but I kept catching him making strange arrangements with his friends,” the bride explained.

Jake suddenly wanted to choose the photographer and cake for the big day himself, but the bride said she thought he was just being helpful.

Nonetheless, she reminded him how against pranks she was for the wedding and warned him “that if he did something like that, I would break up with him immediately.”

But Jake didn’t listen to his bride’s plea.

 “When the day of the wedding came, everything went smoothly until the ceremony” she said.

When it was time to cut the cake the whole room turned to watch the moment, the bride recalled.

“The photographer stood in front of us with camera in hand, suddenly I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me face first into the cake.

“Not only my make-up but the whole wedding dress was ruined and the whole room laughed, my husband the loudest.

“At that moment the photographer took the photo and Jake said that this was now our wedding photo.

“I turned around, slapped him in the face and ran out of the room in tears,” she said.

While she was crying in the toilet crying, the bride noted that she could hear her brother-in-law, Frank, shouting at Jake about his antics.

Eventually, Jake apologised but the bride still left the reception early and her brother-in-law took her home.

“I asked Frank if he thought it would be an exaggeration if I separated from my husband and he said no, because according to him I deserved better and he didn’t care how his brother felt about it because he had brought it on himself,” she said.

That’s when she decided to file for divorce just two days later, despite Jake’s constant apologies.

“I was spammed by both his family and mine that it would be ridiculous to end our marriage over this but I see it differently.

“If he does something like this to me despite multiple requests not to do it even after promising he wouldn’t do it then I can’t trust him. No matter what he promises me.

“Call me humourless, call me what you want but I have given my reasons,” she said.

Fellow Reddit users applauded the bride for cutting things off sooner rather than later.

One said: “It blows me away how many people on this planet don’t understand humour generally, and pranks specifically.

“If you’re the only one laughing, if it needs to be done at the expense of someone who can’t fight back, it isn’t funny.”

A second agreed: “All I can think of is a skewer going straight through the bride. Those tiers usually have supports. Would it have been a harmless funny prank then?!”

” have never thought that smashing cake into someone else’s face was funny. Especially wedding cake.

“A woman spends a great deal of time and money in choosing her wedding dress. Not to mention hair and make-up. I would seek for an annulment too,” another commented.

Are wedding rules right or wrong?

By Josie Griffiths, Fabulous deputy editor and bride-to-be

Josie Griffiths said: When I was planning my wedding this August, the idea of sending out a list of ‘rules’ never once popped into my mind.

The first two this bride created seem fair enough, but also like they should be common sense, and then they just descend into chaos.

Insisting on “approving” all photos before they go out and ordering guests to stick to a “minimalist” colour palette seems pretty OTT to me.

And rudely telling guests to leave you alone when you arrive at the ceremony and eat your dinner – while also ordering them to come say goodbye before leaving – is a bit mad.

I don’t know how many guests this bride is inviting, but everyone knows weddings can get a bit manic. Of course it’d be nice to greet and say goodbye to everyone personally, but I’ve come to peace with the fact that probably won’t happen.

Like with everything in life, once you get yourself in a tizz about everything happening a certain way, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure.

I don’t pretend to be the most laid-back bride ever and I can’t promise I won’t get a bit stressed if we’re running loads behind on the morning of my wedding, but this is just massively over the top.

I agree with the commenters, I wouldn’t bother going.

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