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ITV issue major update on series two of The Fortune Hotel with Stephen Mangan following ‘fakery row’

THE FORTUNE Hotel has been given a major update for series two after shaking off accusations of “fake scenes”.

The ITV gameshow, hosted by Stephen Mangan, which sees hopefuls blag and bluff their way to £250,000, has already been given the go-ahead for season two.

ITV are looking for new hopefuls for The Fortune Hotel[/caption]
Stephan Mangan will be returning as host.[/caption]

Now, in a new announcement, ITV have confirmed that applications and the audition process for next series’s hopefuls have begun.

In an announcement posted on the official site and social media, the team are looking for Britain’s best swindlers to put their skills to the test for some cash.

The site reads: “The Fortune Hotel is opening its doors on a tropical Caribbean island. It’s the perfect setting for a thrilling bluffing game with exciting real-world challenges.

“Do you and your +1 have what it takes to blag and bluff your way to win £250K?”

Applications will be open from now until September 27th, with auditions occurring through to October 1st.

From that, the new contestants will be chosen.

You can apply for the series by clicking here.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or over.

Their new search comes after the show came under fire for scenes that viewers felt were scripted/faked for dramatic effect.

Suspicions have begun to be raised on the programme over the validity of scenes after fans spotted a damning pattern between certain contestants.

It all came down to pairs in the episode who had been handed the Early Checkout Card – which leaves them at risk of being kicked out of the Grenada hotel and out of the running for the money.

By winning daily tasks and challenges, they have the ability to swap cases with fellow players in order to ditch the Card and attempt to bag a briefcase which contains the £250,000.

But viewers noticed a streak of those with the Early Checkout card winning the challenges and therefore saving their place.

Before that, The Sun revealed how bosses had been lying to viewers of the show after pretending the suitcases contained £250,000 in cash.

One of the show’s top bosses has confessed that it in fact only contained £5,000 at any given time.

A bunch of £50 notes were placed at the top of the case, with the rest is filled with paper.

The Fortune Hotel is available to stream on ITVX.

The series was accused of ramping up drama by fixing challenges[/caption]
New duos will be heading to the hotel in the hope of winning £250,000[/caption]

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