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‘People will judge me differently’ says Katie Price as she teases explosive new tell all book

KATIE Price has taken to social media to flog an explosive new book she wrote about her life.

She hinted that the autobiography will reveal secret hardships she has been experiencing behind the scenes of her glamorous life.

Katie Price has given followers a sneak peak into her autobiography[/caption]
Instagram @katieprice
The former glamour model said she is prepared to be “vulnerable” in her book[/caption]

The media personality added: “I don’t know how I came through it, but I did, because I knew if I didn’t change things myself and mentally, I wouldn’t be here.

“I think people just need to give me a break and get to know me.

“I don’t deserve a lot of things that people say. I think once people read the book, then they’ll judge me differently.”

Several fans flocked to the comments to defend her, with one saying: “That’s my girl. Katie you are making huge huge progress I am SO proud!

“Everyone that’s s**t on you and spoken c**p, hurt, used and abused you can keep away!

“Watch her rise and watch everyone that spoke s**t change their tune and want to be involved but as that famous saying goes… can’t handle me at my worst then don’t have me at my best! Keep the negative trash out & keep rising up baby!

“It’s amazing watching the changes! I hope ppl begin to understand mental health and trauma better after this read! I’m so excited for it.”

Another gushed: “Katie you are so strong, so many people think you are awesome, ignore the rest!!!”

Katie was very recently evicted from her home, Mucky Mansion, as it was reclaimed by court order due to her bankruptcy battle.

The former model is currently facing tax debts of over £760,000 and has been unable to pay back what she owes.

She was first declared bankrupt in 2019 over unpaid debts of £3.2 million.

The cash-strapped star was then declared bankrupt for a second time in March this year over an unpaid tax bill of £761,994.05.

When speaking on the Stripping Off With Matt Haycox podcast, she claimed being a single mum is the reason why she ended up getting in debt.

The mum-of-five said: “Yeah, you should always pay your tax, this and that.

“But obviously I went through a breakdown so then I didn’t pay tax and that’s sort of where the bankruptcy thing has come from.

“I will pay it but it just has to be when I’ve got it.

“I pay the mum and dad role, I’ve got bills to pay, I’ve got outgoings, I’ve got to live.”

Katie Price's missing millions

At the peak of her career Katie had an estimated fortune of £45m, thanks to her lucrative modelling career, book deals, and TV appearances.

The cash-strapped mum-of-five was first declared bankrupt in 2019 over unpaid debts of £3.2 million.

In a podcast interview earlier this year she blamed her exes who include Peter AndreAlex Reid and Kieran Hayler and lawyers for her money woes.

She insisted that funding her exes’ lavish lifestyles with cars, watches, luxury holidays and homes left her finances in tatters.

She added: “I went through a breakdown, this is how mine started – lawyers and exes, that is my bankruptcy thing.

“And obviously a bit of HMRC.

“When I had my breakdown, if anyone has been depressed …. I don’t know if you’ve ever had depression…

“It starts with depression and you just want to sleep all day and not talk to anyone, the phone would ring and you wouldn’t answer it.’

Katie was declared bankrupt for a second time in March over an unpaid tax bill of £761,994.05.

The demand for payment was made by HMRC last October.

Katie was due to give evidence about her finances at the High Court but failed to turn up – holidaying in Cyprus with her new man JJ Slater instead.

Her Mucky Mansion was a bomb site for years after it was burgled, flooded and swamped by an overflowing septic tank.

She finally moved out at the end of May and is currently renting a four-bed mansion in Sussex.

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