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Kyle Walker’s wife Annie watches Euros clash from stands as ex Lauryn posts pic of his kids wearing ‘daddy’ England tops

KYLE Walker’s wife Annie Kilner watched her husband on in Germany as his ex Lauryn Goodman posted pics of her kids wearing England tops.

The wags, who both have children with defender Kyle, both backed the Three Lions during the stressful quarter-final win against Switzerland.

EURO 2024 News Pool (ENP)
Annie at the game in Dusseldorf watching Kyle play[/caption]
Instagram @lauryngoodman91
Lauryn’s children during the Swiss national anthem in a pic she shared on Instagram[/caption]
EURO 2024 News Pool (ENP)
Annie wore sunglasses as she supported England[/caption]
Kyle at the start of the match making an ‘r’ gesture, his children with Annie all have names beginning with r[/caption]

Kyle fathered Lauryn’s two children while still with wife Annie in a shock paternity scandal.

The star made a tribute to his four children with Annie before the crunch match, making an ‘r’ sign with his hand.

His children with Annie all have names beginning with the letter: Roman, Reign, Riaan, and Rezon.

Annie was snapped wearing sunglasses in the stands with the new baby attached to her chest in a sling.

She has loyally attended all of Kyle’s matches and been seen with her footballing ace husband in the stands after matches.

Meanwhile, Lauryn has also posted three photos of her and Kyle’s two children on Instagram at home as the game got underway.

She wrote: “Come on England… always supporting” along with photos of Kairo and their daughter – whose name Lauryn hasn’t revealed.

Those snaps show Kairo and the daughter sitting on the couch watching the TV play the match.

Both wore full English kits with ‘Daddy’ and Kyle Walker’s number 2 on the back.

Lauryn had flown out to Germany for England’s second group match against Denmark where security were on high alert to keep her away from wife Annie Kilner.

Megan Pickford, wife of goalie Jordan, Anouska Santos, girlfriend of Luke Shaw, and Tolami Benson, partner of Bukayo Saka, have vowed to protect Annie, 32. 

A source said: “They have her back.”

Annie narrowly missed her rival at the 1-1 draw with Denmark in Frankfurt on June 20.

Lauryn, who has two kids with the defender, flew to the match against Denmark with their son Kairo, who wore a Three Lions’ No2 shirt personalised “Daddy”.

Kyle and Annie celebrate following the penalty shootout win[/caption]
Instagram @lauryngoodman91
Lauryn shared this quote from Kairo after the penalty shootout win[/caption]
EURO 2024 News Pool (ENP)
One source close to Annie said she believes Lauryn to be a ‘chancer’[/caption]
Instagram @lauryngoodman91
Lauryn posted the snaps just as the game began[/caption]

Annie, Kyle’s wife and mum to four of his boys, sat with other wives and girlfriends while Lauryn sat in a different part of the stadium.

Lauryn, 33, claimed the England star offered her tickets to the matches this tournament, something his team have vehemently denied. 

One source close to Annie said Lauryn is seen as a bit of a trouble maker, chancer, and blagger.

Annie has kept a dignified silence since discovering in January that Kyle had fathered Lauryn’s second child.

She kicked him out of their home, and the player has been trying to repair the damage ever since.

The source added: “Meghan, Anouska and the other Wags can’t begin to imagine what Annie is going through.

“It must be so hard, but even more so because it’s so public.

“Annie is dealing with what Kyle has done and wants to do that privately.

“But she’s also put her feelings to one side to take their boys to the matches.

“Yet, all the while, she has no idea if Lauryn will be there.

“It’s a terrible situation and made worse by Lauryn who appears to be trying to promote herself as a Wag.

“She’s deluded.”

Kyle Walker's sit-down interview with The Sun

By Paul Sims

ENGLAND ace Kyle Walker admitted in January he made “idiot choices and idiot decisions” over his secret child and ­bitterly regrets betraying soulmate wife Annie.

In a sit-down interview with The Sun, this is what he said.

“What I’ve done is horrible and I take full responsibility.

“I made idiot choices and idiot decisions. I can’t begin to think or imagine what Annie is going through. I’ve tried to ask her but there’s pain and hurt.

“The man that’s meant to love, care and be there for her, did this.

“There have been days in this ordeal where I’ve just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

“The only person to blame is me. I have roles and responsibilities that I’m aware of and I’ve made stupid choices. But I need to own up to my mistakes — I owe it to everyone.

“My actions have caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. I’m sorry because, as a family, this isn’t meant to happen.

“I am a private man but I accept that I am a public figure and I need to address what I’ve done.

“It hasn’t helped that it has been played out in the media. But I’ve chosen to speak now in the hope that I can at least explain myself and enable my wife and children to have the privacy they so desperately need and deserve.

“When I met Annie at 17, I never envisaged my private life being like this. I never thought I would be a father of six.

“In football I’ve achieved more than what I ever thought I would achieve. But to personally hurt what I truly believe is my best friend, that’s what hurts a lot.

“How could I hurt someone I love so much? That’s something I need to find in myself.

“I need to find out why I have done this and why situations have occurred. I am human and I’ve made mistakes on and off the field.

“The ones off the field are definitely more damaging and have been more hurtful to me.

“Football has been my life since I was six but my family comes before anything on this planet. At the moment, they’re hurting enormously.

“My little boy goes to sleep with me every night and to not have him . . . I’m used to being away for long periods of time with England.

“We say goodnight on FaceTime. But to know that I’m not with him because of my mistake — mistake is probably the wrong word, my choices — that’s what pains me.”

Lauryn had travelled with Kairo to the match against Denmark
Annie and Kyle in their younger days[/caption]

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