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Lauren Goodger shows off ‘new’ tattoo with personal meaning after heartbreaking loss

IN an emotional post Lauren Goodger has given fans a glimpse of a hidden tattoo that signifies something special to her.

The former TOWIE star originally got inked to commemorate a romantic relationship.

instagram/Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger has shared an observation about a very personal tattoo[/caption]
Instagram @laurengoodger
It was dedicated to her ex Jake McLean[/caption]

Lauren went out with co-star Jake McLean for nearly five years, and had his name tattooed on her wrist.

When they split up, she attempted to have the reminder removed with laser surgery.

Jake went on to die in a tragic car accident in 2022, leaving his ex devastated.

Today Lauren revealed that she felt he was sending her a message when she looked at her wrist and saw the old tattoo was visible again.

She shared: “I had my Jake tattoo removed years ago and I never finished the sessions but it was not that visible.

“Today my friend said let me see your arm you going keep that and I looked at my wrist and there is Jake’s name clear as day WOW.

“He definitely showing me today.”

Lauren asked Jake to look after her dead baby girl in heaven in a heartbreaking post after he passed.

Sharing a series of videos and pictures of them together, Lauren wrote: “R.i.p Jake you always be apart of me … we shared something for 5 years solid like no other.

“Look after Lorena for me my angel baby.”

Jake was killed when the car he was driving plunged 70ft off of a cliff in Bodrum, Turkey.

A post mortem indicated Jake was intoxicated when the car went over the edge.

Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe told the inquest in East London: “The post ­mortem found no natural disease, as you would expect in a young man of 33. The cause of death was skull fractures and brain damage.

“As far as I can see, he was driving under the influence — nearly three times over the legal limit for driving and had cocaine in his system. My conclusion is that this is an RTC.”

Lauren recently told fans that she has been battling with anxiety and trauma since the death of her baby girl and ex.

She took a break from social media in an attempt to calm her mind after finding herself unable to sleep past 4am.

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