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Oasis legend to undergo surgery after suffering crippling health problem

NOEL Gallagher needs a knee replacement after being hit by arthritis — just like estranged brother Liam.

Insiders said rocker Noel, 57, is scheduled to have the op this year.

Noel Gallagher is set to have a knee replacement operation after being hit by arthritis[/caption]

Last year 51-year-old Liam had to have a hip replacement.

But the brothers — who with Oasis had hits including Roll With It and Morning Glory — are still not speaking despite sharing a joint problem.

Last night a source said: “Noel isn’t happy at all about the fact he needs this knee surgery. It’s a sign he’s getting on and he isn’t very good at being laid up — unless there is football on the telly.

“Liam had to have his hips done after struggling and now Noel is going down the same path.

“His little brother will no doubt be getting a laugh out of him having the same problems as him.

“Noel will bounce back though. It’s a minor op and it won’t keep him down.”

He has a few more gigs with his band The High Flying Birds this summer but finishes in August. It is thought he then will take a holiday before going under the knife.

Insiders say Noel has already bought a special exercise bike ready for a post op fitness programme.

Noel confirmed he needed the procedure yesterday on his podcast with his pal Matt Morgan.

He said: “I’ve got bad knees actually. I’ve got to have an operation on my f***ing knee.” Liam underwent a hip replacement in February last year. He said at the time: “My hips are f*****.

“I’ve got arthritis, bad. I went to get it checked and my bones are mashed up.

“I can’t sleep at night for the pain, tossing and turning.”

Liam recovered quickly and this year has been out on the road with his Definitely Maybe tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oasis’s debut album.

The warring brothers, who fell out after the band split in 2009, are still yet to made up.

The warring brother are still yet to made up after falling out in 2009[/caption]

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