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‘Bordering on extinction’ moan Emmerdale fans as they lay into iconic soap family despite ITV show signing new hunk

EMMERDALE fans have been left fuming as they laid into soap bosses.

The Sugden family were introduced at the very start of the ITV show’s conception back in 1972.

Oliver Farnworth is joining Emmerdale as John Sugden[/caption]
Isabel Hodgins stars as Victoria, the last remaining member of the infamous Sugden family on the show[/caption]
The Sugden family were one of the first to be introduced on the soap and were prominent throughout the 70’s and 80’s

They were also the main family to feature in storylines on Emmerdale throughout the 70’s and the 80’s.

However, since the 90’s it appears the family has completely depleted in number due to cast changes.

Now, the only Sugdens by blood to remain on the show is Victoria, played by Isabel Hodgins, and her young son Harry.

Andy’s daughter Sarah (Katie Hill) is also still on the show, although she is associated more with the Dingle family, with Debbie being her mum.

The new boss of the soap, Sophie Roper, recently announced that there will be a new member of the Sugden clan joining the soap.

Former Coronation Street star Oliver Farnworth will soon debut on The Dales as John Sugden.

However, many of Emmerdale’s devoted viewers have slammed the decision, saying it maybe too little, too late for the family.

Taking to the soap forums, one fan wrote: “I didn’t think the show was that bothered about the Sugdens anymore.

They added: “They’ve been bordering on extinction for so long. Victoria is barely used.”

Another noted: “Emmerdale hasn’t cared about the Sugdens in many decades”.

“Considering recent months have shown they’ve no idea what to do with characters like Caleb, I’ve little confidence a long lost Sugden will produce anything too great,” commented a third user.

And a fourth added: “When they brought Robert back it felt more like he was used for Katie’s exit sl (storyline) and they did not really care about destroying his character and then more about him and Aaron’s relationship, than caring about The Sugden’s.”

However, it seems soap execs are more optimistic, as the newest producer gushed about the new arrival.

“The Sugdens, just like the Dingles, are an iconic family group in Emmerdale and we’re keen to cement them back in the show,” Sophie explained.

She added: “So Oliver’s a brilliant new addition, incredibly talented and we’re really looking forward to welcoming him.

“And he’s going to bring lots of drama to the Dales, which I’m going to keep quite tight-lipped about for now.” 


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Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) is also still on the show, but she is not related by blood[/caption]
PA:Press Association
Oliver Farnworth was known for his role on Coronation Street (pictured)[/caption]

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