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Emmerdale shock as TWO fan favourites quit the soap – and their final scenes have already aired 

EMMERDALE has delivered a shock tonight as two fan favourites quit the soap – and they final scenes aired today.

The ITV soap said goodbye to Nicky Miligan and Suni Sharma actors Lewis Cope and Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana in today’s episode.

Nicky and Suni have quit Emmerdale after being betrayed by their families[/caption]
Caleb and Ruby have been left without their son[/caption]

Nicky and Suni decided to go and travel the world together after discovering they had both been betrayed by their families.

At the beginning of the episode Nicky was horrified to find Charles Anderson asleep on his parents’ sofa but things soon took a dark turn.

After Charles spilled a drink, he insisted on cleaning it up when he found an invoice for a car repair, implicating the couple in his son Ethan’s hit and run.

Assuming it was Caleb, Charles lured him into some woodland and confronted him.

But once again, hiding the truth that Ruby was responsible, Caleb managed to shut Charles down.

He told him there was no proof and that the hit and run didn’t cause Ethan’s death so he just needed to accept it.

Meanwhile Suni was finally told the truth about his brother Jai’s role in stealing his inheritance and driving his dad out of the village for good for killing Rishi.

With Jai too cowardly to come clean, Laurel, fresh from her heart attack, told him and left him devastated.

The betrayal made Suni’s mind up for him – and he decided to leave the village.

Raging about what Jai had done, he told Nicky everything and when Nicky went to see his parents he found them in crisis over Charles.

With Caleb demanding he stay and help cover for his mum, Nicky jumped onto the same page as Suni.

But before he went he went to speak to Charles to apologise for everything.

And as the pair tried to slip away, Ruby found her son.

“I was going to call from the car, thought it would be easier but we’re leaving,” he told her.

“Sorry mum but it’s not been an easy decision but we’re going. We need a fresh start, both of us. Away from here and away from my dad especially.”

Hugging her son, Ruby asked Suni to look after him and then devastated she said goodbye.


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Caleb watched as Nicky ignored his pleas to sort things out and simply got in the car and drove off.

The Sun exclusively revealed how both actors had quit the show last month.

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