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Emmerdale hunk Lewis Cope wows fans as he strips to nothing but a towel as Nicky Milligan’s exit storyline is revealed

EMMERDALE hunk Lewis Cope wowed fans as he stripped down to nothing but a towel for a steamy post.

Lewis, 29, stunned his Instagram followers after revealing his ripped physique in the racy shot.

Emmerdale hunk Lewis Cope wowed fans with his latest steamy post[/caption]

Tagging his location as the Emmerdale Village, the actor was seen posing in a doorway beside a Holdgate Farm sign.

He sported a pair of comfy grey slippers for the snap while flashing a wide grin.

It came just hours after soap bosses unveiled his character Nicky Milligan’s exit storyline, which left his parents Ruby and Caleb conflicted.

Nicky started seriously considering leaving the Dales after being left appalled by his mum’s vengeful streak.

Nicky was recently hospitalised after a car accident that took place when Ethan Anderson crashed into a vehicle he was in.

His mum Ruby was enraged to hear he had been left comatose, and decided to get back at Ethan by running him over.

Nicky was horrified to hear about her actions when he woke up, and initially thought she was to blame for Ethan’s sudden death a few days after he was struck by Ruby’s car.

Thankfully it turned out he died from other causes, but Nicky was shaken enough to ask his boyfriend Suni if they could move away together.

In upcoming episodes, fans will see Caleb and Ruby debating over what to do when their son turns his back on the Dales for good.

Nicky’s dad is desperate to try and win his son back, but Ruby insists that it is time to let him follow his own path in life.

Which of them will end up gaining the upper hand?

Lewis Cope originally joined the soap playing Nicky in December 2022 as part of a major revenge plot against Kim Tate.

Meanwhile, Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana arrived on the scene a year later, as Jai Sharma’s brother Suni.

The pair first got romantically involved last summer, when they hooked up after Laurel Thomas and Jai Sharma’s wedding reception.

The duo make up one of the prominent gay couples on Emmerdale, and their axing during pride month has been controversial.

However, a source confirmed that Lewis and Brahmdeo quit the soap before July, adding: “The fact is decisions are taken months in advance and there are lots of different factors that go into things like this.”

Nicky convinced his boyfriend Suni to leave Emmerdale with him[/caption]
Caleb wants to convince his son to come back[/caption]

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