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Beloved Emmerdale resident rushed to hospital after shock collapse following relationship breakdown

A BELOVED Emmerdale resident was raced to hospital in tonight’s episode following a suspected heart attack.

Her horror collapse came after an epic showdown with her husband as their marriage was left hanging by a thread.

Laurel collapsed in tonight’s Emmerdale[/caption]
She became unwell after a screaming match with Jai[/caption]
She was then loaded into the back of an ambulance[/caption]

Laurel Thomas, played by actress Charlotte Bellamy, has been left reeling in recent days after discovering the part that Jai Sharma played in his biological dad Amit’s disappearance.

Jai told all on how he forced Amit to hand over all of his money to him in return for his silence on Amit’s foul play in his presumed dad Rishi’s sudden death.

Laurel was left furious that Jai had sat on the information and then used his dad’s death as a way to drum up cash and keep it hidden from his younger brother.

The married couple have been left warring with one another after Laurel told Jai he needed to tell Sunni the truth.

Having decided to seek solace at the church where her dead ex Ashley was the vicar, Laurel was left rattled when Jai interrupted her quiet moment.

It saw a war of words between the two as Jai admitted he couldn’t tell Sunni the truth.

He then became unhappy with Laurel taking comfort in her ex Ashley as he rowed with her about not “living up” to her ex.

As Laurel laughed off him being “jealous of a dead man that did him no harm”, things soon became nasty between the pair.

In a shock moment of rage, Laurel shouted at Jai: “You are a sad, horrible, weak little man!

“Get out… NOW!”

As Jai left the church, Laurel appeared shaken as she began to stumble around the church pews.

It was clear she was disorientated as she fell to the ground with force in a horror collapse.

Later, she was found by step-daughter Gabby who immediately called for an ambulance.

Having seemingly gone unconscious, as the paramedics arrived, Gabby told a screaming Jai that Laurel “couldn’t hear” him in her current state.

Laurel was left raging at Jai during their blazing row[/caption]

Local GP Manpreet Sharma had also seemingly taken a look at Laurel where she confessed that she and the ambulance crew had suspected it was a heart attack.

As Jai reveals they rowed, the guilt is written on his face that their argument could be the cause of Laurel’s health woes.

Will Laurel ever be able to forgive Jai?


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She appeared unconscious after her ordeal[/caption]

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